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Euronet Telekom was established in August 2011 in Istanbul with the purpose of producing individual and corporate efficiency center services, wired, wireless internet services and all 
kinds of information technologies. Increased internet rates and rapidly developing new generations of higher capacity needs caused by the difference in the Internet infrastructure,
and made flexible datacenter with Turkey's leading business partnership to produce advanced solutions. Euronet Telekom proved its reputation in the sector in a short time. He played an active role in the development of the sector by providing infrastructure and solutions to many wireless internet service providers producing services in the sector.
Through its own server park and wireless internet infrastructure, it has increased its individual and corporate customers beyond the standard speeds. Euronet Telekom, Türk Telekom Wholesale Partnership, as well as Radore Data Center, Datacasa Datacenter, Microsoft, HP, Dell Emc, Ubiquiti, Microtic, DMA Soft (Radius Manager), Quart Software, 3CX, Snom,
Vmware, Veeam, Maestro Panel, such as the leading companies in the industry products and services to customers. We also offer support services and hardware across Turkey through our various web address.

Our company made a change in April 2020 and made Euronet Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. continues to serve as. Again in April, Turk Telekom has started to Access Data Flow signed the contract 
for the sale TURKEY General setup on the internet.


To provide high quality and customized telecommunication solutions to our corporate customers at competitive prices and to focus on their own business. To provide the most innovative 
and affordable telecommunication services to our personal customers and to ensure that they benefit from today's technologies with the most advantageous price advantage.


Using the most advanced technologies, to become a regional telecommunication operator that provides high added value to its customers and to become the leader of the corporate market.

CORPORATE INFORMATION Trade Name: Euronet Telecommunication A.Ş. Head Office: Çayırbaşı Yenievler Anadolu Sokak No:13 SARIYER / İSTANBUL
Management Office: Büyükdere Caddesi No: 47/801 Bentek Plaza MECİDİYEKÖY / İSTANBUL
Customer Service: (850) 277 0 300 - 309 - Free Customer Hotline: (800) 606 0 999
Contact Person: Cengiz ATEŞ    
  • YS Authorization Certificate: 2308    
  • BTK Authorization Certificate: 12/09/2011     
  • E-Mail: info@euronet.net.tr    
  • Kep Address: euronettelekom@hs03.kep.tr     
  • Tax Office: Sarıyer     
  • Tax Number: 381 043 6252     
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration: Istanbul / 788816
  • Mersis Number : 0381088374000001

Buyer: Euronet Telekomünikasyon A.Ş.
Banka Şube Şube Kodu Hesap No IBAN
Garanti Bankası (TL) Sarıyer 142 6298346 TR20 0006 2000 1420 0006 2983 46
Ziraat Bankası (TL) Sarıyer 956 58035469-5001 TR12 0001 0009 5658 0354 6950 01
Kuveyt Türk Bankası (TL) Sarıyer 215 8072212 TR44 0020 5000 0080 7221 2000 01