Digital service tax was accepted despite the threat of America.

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" Digital Services Tax, official publication on December 7. United States, Turkey had 
threatened due Digital Services Tax and customs duty enforcement."
Digital Service Tax was officially published in the Official Gazette on 7 December. The revenues from digital
products or services £ 20 million euros in revenue and 750 million worldwide companies in Turkey, 7.5 percent
of Turkey will pay part of the proceeds gained from the Digital Services Tax. the company's related institutions in Turkey in order to obtain the tax payers of this tax is supposed to be.
There is no company that exceeds these limits and is a corporate taxpayer. Therefore we can see that the
implementation of how Digital Services Tax revenues from Turkey for those companies or institutions to
exceed the 20 million we expect to be a taxpayer. with presence in Turkey, domestic / foreign companies that pay their taxes. The tax payments of companies
without physical presence in Turkey will be paying citizens from giving or advertising-related companies.
For example, when buying digital products from companies abroad that need to pay Digital Service Tax but
do not pay it, 7.5 percent Digital Service Tax may be collected from the citizen by the bank during payment. Digital Service Tax threat from US
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthiz is, in a statement to Reuters on December 3 in Turkey said they
intend to open an investigation because of the Digital Services Tax practice. France, 3 percent began to apply digital service tax. Google, Facebook, Apple and the US giants such as
Amazon is taxed. Lighthizer, France's digital service tax started to apply champagne, wine, cheese, bags,
etc. announced that they could impose punitive customs duties on products up to 100 percent.

Lightizer, Digital Services Tax applies Turkey, he said could open similar investigations in Austria and Italy. Digital 
Service Tax was officially published in the Official Gazette on 7 December. Turkey's Digital Services Tax
rate higher than that of France, but France began to allocate these taxes, while Turkey will allocate in the
coming years. Thus, recently the US sanctions Turkey is not expected to apply.

The Official Gazette: https://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2019/12/20191207-1.htm

Source: Donanım Haber