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A study that examined the mobile network download speeds, Turkey's internet speed 
has revealed the wound again.
In 87 countries, the study which compared the mobile
network download speeds Turkey, took 17.1 Mbps in the 36th.
Agency Press, the media monitoring agency, announced the results of its work on internet speeds and the
number of
published news on the internet. Agency Press ranked countries according to mobile network
download speeds around
the world, based on information from OpenSignal data. The research shows that
South Korea is the number one mobile
network download speed at 52.4 Mbps. It was evaluated together with other countries, mobile network download speed in Turkey. Turkey, the mobile
download speed list but did find somewhere in the middle. Turkey, took place # 36 with 17.1 Mbps
download speed
mobile network. According to OpenSignal's data, Norway ranked second behind South Korea at 48.2 Mbps and Canada ranked
third at
42.5 Mbps. At the end of the list was Nepal with 4.4 Mbps, Algeria with 3.1 Mbps and Iraq with 1.6 Mbps. The Agency Press also examined and announced the number of news items reflected in the internet-related
Agency Press and ITS Media joint work last year, 162 thousand 116 news is related to the Internet
determined. This
year, the number of 111 thousand 795'e examined when the news fell. Only 218 of them
were related to internet
speed. Most of the news about the Internet appeared to be news about 5G. Source: Webtekno