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62.4 million
people have access to the Internet in Germany for more than 14 years. This figure is 89.8 percent of the total population. So in Germany, you should not be surprised to hear that the number of Internet users is now slowly increasing. The vast majority are already online. 165 minutes, The average time that Internet users in Germany are online per day. Look at what is happening in the world and the weather, write personal news or buy train tickets; An indispensable tool for the vast majority of people on the internet. 66 percent: The ratio of those who entered the smartphones to the Internet within all users. The advantage of being mobile. It is not surprising that laptops are second with 57 percent in demand. Fixed computers followed by 44 percent. The use of tablets is less common with 38 percent.
40 million
Every week in Germany, people communicate via WhatsApp. So by far the most popular social media application. Facebook has 21 million users per week in Germany.

40 percent,
men spend more time on the Internet: Men live on average 175 minutes a day online, and women live on 125 minutes.

21.3 MB / s,
average speed at which mobile phones download mobile data from the Internet. This value will change by 2020: Germany will make 5G the standard for the expansion of the Federal Government network to make Germany a digital paradise. A nominal speed of 10 GB / s will then be possible.

SOURCE: www.deutschland.de