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What is Dedicated Server ?

Dedicated Server is a non-shared internet server dedicated to a single user or a company. The use rights of the Dedicated Server belong to a single person or a company. The biggest difference from shared servers emerges at this point. Although there is not a full Turkish equivalent, Dedicated Server is also referred to as dil Non-Shared / Physical Server de in our language.

What are the differences between Shared and Dedicated Servers?

Hosting and data center companies offer different server solutions to their customers. Shared and Dedicated Servers are also among these services.

Shared Servers

Shared servers are not used for a single person or company. Depending on the capacity of the server, these servers can host data from multiple companies. For example, when we consider a server used to host a website, tens of websites can be hosted on a single shared server. Processors, RAM and disk space are shared on shared servers.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are dedicated to a single person or company. These servers do not host data from another company or person. The server's disk space, RAM and processor are reserved for only one person or company.

The site is more ideal for companies with high traffic volume, having a lot of data and images on the site, not wanting their data to be on shared servers or having high business capacity and volume; Because they have a separate server, they can change the requirements of this server as they wish and use the server completely for themselves. They can also get higher performance.

To illustrate the differences between Shared and Dedicated Servers with a more vivid example, we can simulate Shared Server to an apartment. Residents have their own space and can use it as they wish. However these areas are located in an apartment building. People share the apartment and share the features of the apartment. Dedicated Servers are like a detached house. This house belongs to only one person and no one else can use this area.

What does Dedicated Server do?
When you own a Dedicated Server, all storage space of the server is yours. This way, you will not have any
problems with the storage and shelter area. The hosting space of the server you choose is completely yours.
You can use the storage space of your non-shared server in the way you specify. In case of high site traffic, shared servers can offer a certain traffic area to the site owners. Therefore,
slowdowns in the site or short-term downtime may occur. Dedicated Servers are more suitable for sites
with high traffic; because their capacity is higher and used by only one company, the performance of the
server does not deteriorate. Since non-shared servers are more stable and stable, they offer a better solution in terms of performance. When it comes to data security, Dedicated Servers offer a more secure solution for companies. If you do not
want your Internet service provider to do your administration, the server's user name and password are not
available to anyone but you. This prevents external access and makes your system more reliable. The disadvantages of Dedicated Servers are that the server will be dedicated to your company, so you need
to be familiar with server management. With server management, you need to install the software,
applications and programs you need, and manage your server yourself. However, you can also leave the
management of your server to your internet service provider. However, your company may charge you an
additional fee for this management service. Another disadvantage is that the cost of these servers is slightly higher than that of shared servers because
it offers more comprehensive solutions such as processor, bandwidth, RAM and storage.
As Euronet Telecom, we offer many different alternatives for Dedicated Server. If you want to get more
information about our services and to examine the features of our servers, you can check our Physical
Servers page.

What are the Dedicated Server types?
Basic Dedicated Servers
Internet site traffic exceeds certain limits and shared servers can not meet the level of the company can
choose the basic features of the server. These servers offer a more comprehensive solution than shared
servers in terms of bandwidth, RAM, processor and storage. High Performance Dedicated Servers
They are the ones that offer higher performance in terms of processor, storage, RAM and bandwidth when
the performance of the Basic Dedicated Servers is insufficient. Recommended solutions for companies with
very high volume of site traffic and hosting a lot of data on the server. Bandwidth-oriented Dedicated Servers
This type of server is preferred by companies that broadcast live and host videos on their own server. In such
business models, high server configurations are not enough; at the same time, the bandwidth must be high.
High bandwidth servers are preferred for streaming video and live streaming, and Bandwidth-oriented
Dedicated Servers offer this feature. Application-oriented Dedicated Servers
Servers used for applications. These servers can host and run all types of legitimate applications. By selecting
the server configurations the application needs, these servers can be used to run and host applications. Database-driven Dedicated Servers
They are specially configured servers for those working on databases such as MySQL or MSSQL. Working on
databases requires high-performance systems, and normal or shared servers may not meet these performances.
In this case, Non-Shared Servers is the ideal solution to run databases. Source: Radore

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