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What is GPON?

GPON Gigabit Passive Optical Network is an Asymmetric data transmission technology that works with the IP-based TDMA data transmission model 
consisting of the initials of the words, sorting the incoming data contents in an order, sending them to all users with an algorithm, and receiving the
data from each user to the IP backbone. Transmission is done via fiber optic with 1 core connection. Passive splitters are used for distribution to subscribers. Splitters enable the signal to be
transferred to other fiber ends by means of prisms in them. 2-way traffic is distributed within these prisms. Thus, for example, a single fiber to a building can be divided into 2 to 64 subscribers, allowing all apartments to use the fiber optic infrastructure. How does GPON differ from other systems? The difference from other systems is that this division and service to more users is not active but rather economic through passive products. Splitter
is the first building block of the start of the economic process in GPON technology. it is a great advantage that these products are away from factors
such as energy and heat, and can transmit data up to 5 to 20km in length according to the sensitivity of the SFP products used. Since the data rate is very high (+/- 2.5Gbit (Down) 1.25Gbit (Up)), all kinds of transmission such as tv broadcasting, video conferencing, telephone,
fax can be used without any problem. Walking for a long time as a pilot project in Turkey GPO began to be carried out since the beginning of 2008. What are the advantages of GPON technology? Thanks to the developments in fiber optic technologies, the possibilities imagined by the users are no longer a dream and are put into service. Fiber optic technology, depending on the topology of the application called FTTx and GPON systems; It offers “Triple-Play” technology which
combines high speed, high quality, flexibility in use and low price in Internet, TV and telephone services.

Basic Terms / Definitions

GPON: Gigabit Passive Optical Network
Fiber optic network structure in which communication signals are transmitted through non-electrically powered (passive) optical splitters.

OLT: Optical Line Termination
Starting point that works as the service provider's endpoint on GPON networks.

ONT: Optical Network Termination
User-side terminal unit (CPE) that converts the optical signal into an electrical signal

ONU: Optical Network Unit
It is the equipment that can be used on OLT or ONT which converts electrical signals into optical signals. (SFP B +, C + etc.)

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